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Investment Areas

A Legacy of Success. A Future of Advancement.

A Future of Advancement

We create major opportunities for our clients via four key investment strategies; private equity, stocks and shares, bonds and digital assets. Our global reach, coupled with our vast experience and analytical knowledge allows us to spot opportunities in the market before they even exist. As of 2022 River Private Wealth has over $420 million in assets under management.

Private Equity

Our private equity funds and core portfolio are what sets River Private Wealth apart from other wealth managers. Our investments into companies in early or late growth stages means investors can buy shares in companies while they are still privately traded.

Even small retail investors can purchase shares along with institutional money, investing into companies far earlier and accessing returns usually not available to the general public.

Investment Strategies Strength in Numbers

River Private Wealth has $39.7 million in assets under management. Since then we have grown to manage more than $420 million and this number is growing rapidly as our clients portfolios continue to perform way ahead of the industry benchmark.
Here at River Private Wealth we also invest our own capital into every trade and investment we make, it is these numbers and methods that give us the edge, allowing us to enter into opportunities together. These opportunities would otherwise be out of reach for the average retail investor.

Stocks & Shares

After becoming a client you will gain access to your personal portfolio manager. You will receive monthly account statements showing your portfolio in full and can watch your capital grow week by week, month by month and year on year.


Your dreams and financial aspirations are unique, so we’ll carefully tailor the financial advice we give you, and the way we provide it. That said, whilst you’ll benefit from personalized support from your dedicated account manager, we understand there are similarities amongst some client groups.

Bonds & Fixed Income

River Private Wealth has a fixed income team comprising of fund management specialists based around the world and we invest in fixed income assets including major government, bank and corporate bonds.

We have close partnerships with major banks in the US, Canada, UK and Hong Kong and we provide our clients access to investments on a global scale.

Our clients are able to gain access to fantastic fixed returns with our institutional bonds. These are made available due to our partnerships with several major banks including the Bank of Montreal, Toronto Dominion, HSBC, Barclays and the Bank of America.

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